• 2014 «Silvatec Skovmaskiner A/S» has
    celebrated the 30th anniversary
    since the establishment and 8th
    anniversary since entering the holding
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  • 2013 A test sample of
    Articulated Dump Truck
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  • 2012 Steel Research Institute OJSC
    affiliated with M&IG N.V.
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  • 2011 Unveiling of Tractor History
    Scientific-Technical Museum
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  • 2010 Universal Welding & Assembly
    Building launched
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  • 2009 First issue of corporate newspaper
    of Tractor Plants Group published
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  • 2008 Vogel & Noot
    Landmaschinen GmbH
    affiliated with the Group
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  • 2007 affiliated with the Group
    Plant LLC established
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  • 2006 Silvatec Skovmaskiner and
    Agromasjholding affiliated with
    Tractor Plants
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  • 2005 Kurganmashzavod OJSC
    affiliated with the
    machine-building industrial group
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  • 2004 Onezhsky Tractor Plant OJSC
    affiliated with Tractor Plants
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  • 2003 Cheboksary Aggregate Works OJSC
    affiliated with the Group
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  • 2002 Vladimir Engine & Tractor Works
    LLC affiliated with
    Tractor Plants
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  • 2001 Test samples of Tractor Т-11.01
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  • 2000 A test sample of advanced
    model of Pipe-Laying
    Machine ТГ-301Я manufactured
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  • 1999 First Pipe-Laying Machine
    ТГ-221К assembled
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  • 1998 Promtraktor – Promlit
    LLC established
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  • 1997 A test sample of Bulldozer
    Т-20.01 assembled
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  • 1996 An equity stake in
    Cheboksary Industrial Tractors
    Plant OJSC acquired
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"Tractor Plants" prepared samples of military prescription for planned tests as a part of the state order.

OJSC "Promtractor" completed the equipment installation transferred from OJSC "IG" Krasnoyarsk Combine Plant "in the framework of the planned production site relocation to Volga Federal District.

"OTZ" Ltd. launched the production a new modification of the basic model "Onezhets-300" with welding equipment.

JSC "Promtractor Wagon" completed prototyping railcars, put into operation the equipment and doubled the capacity of wheelset axles treatment site.

"Lipetsk caterpillar haul truck plant " Ltd. launched system "1C: PDM engineering data management," integrable with ERP-system "1C: SCP into commercial operation."

OJSC "SAREX" turns 70 years old.


"Vladimir Motor-Tractor Plant" Ltd. presented an innovative three-valve engine, marking its transition to a new environmental standard.

"Lipetsk caterpillar haul truck plant” Ltd. began mounting horizontal boring machine W-200 "Skoda".

"VEC" Volgograd Tractor Plant " launched “1C: PDM engineering data management” into commercial operation system,” integrable with ERP-system "1C: SCP".

"Tractor Plants" demonstrated the new processing and technical capabilities of its metallurgical complex at the XIX International Industrial Exhibition "Metal-Expo 2013".

OJSC "Steel Research Institute" completed delivery of a large batch of the latest flyer armor vest made of innovative material - high molecular weight polyethylene - to the Sberbank of the Russian Federation.

"CHKZCH"Ltd. signed macrocontracts with foreign companies for sale of spare parts manufactured by OJSC "CHAZ" and long-range agreements on conveyor supplies at the International Exhibition Excon-2013 in India.

"Tractor Plants" presented at the All-Russian Congress of municipalities in Suzdal the largest technology exhibition of agricultural and municipal purposes, made in Russia.

OJSC " Steel Research Institute " took third place in the nomination "For the development of social partnership of organizations in nonproduction sphere" contest "Best Employer of Moscow", following the results of 2013.


OJSC "SKBM" completed pilot project of unit 955m chassis adaptation for self-propelled multi-robot support of combat operations in DDW "Kungas-SKBM" and began to develop a working design documentation to modify the chassis type "Kurganets-25" within DDW "Mars-TAC».

OJSC "Vladimir Motor-Tractor Works" recommenced the production of transmissions for wheeled tractors AGROMASH, traction class 0.6, 0.9 m.

"Zauralsky forging and foundry plant" Ltd. mastered the production of original crankshaft forgings for engines produced by "Vladimir Motor-Tractor Plant" Ltd.

Design services of SDB " VEC " Volgograd Tractor Plant "Ltd. first produced 3d configuration of 952M promising products within the design system SolidEdge ST5.

The transfer of OJSC "Kraslesmash» production site to «Onegzhskiy Tractor Plant" Ltd. was completed.

“Innovation Products Plant" Ltd. presented eco-friendly tractor AGROMASH 85TK with natural gas microprocessor engine control unit at the agricultural exhibition "Agrotech Russia - 2013"

"Smart Solutions" OJSC " Steel Research Institute" was presented at the International Exhibition of safety equipment "Interpolitech 2013» in sphere of personnel protection and advanced weapons safeguarding from various types of damaging factors .

Tractor AGROMASH-85TK with ДГ 145T natural gas (methane) engine was awarded a gold medal of the exhibition organizers at the "Golden Autumn 2013", combine harvester AGROMASH 5000 and tractor AGROMASH 180TK were marked with silver medals.

Memorandum of Cooperation between LLC "Gazprom gas fuel" and "Tractor Plants" in sphere of motor fuel use was signed.

The ceremony of awarding the winners of the "Golden staff" Prize of "Tractor Plants - 2013" group corporation was held.

Photo exhibition and the album "It’s your people, country!" were passed to the Science and Technology Museum of Tractor History for safe-keeping.


OJSC "SKBM" finished the phase of design documentation development for DDW "Kurganets-25" and proceeded with the prototype models manufacturing.

"OTZ" Ltd. started manufacturing a new modification of "Onezhets-300" basic model with a crane-drilling equipment.

OJSC "SAREX" set up production of 3 types of МКСМ-800А attached implements..

OJSC "Promtractor" set in operation of the specialized center for the complete cycle of cabins production for CHETRA AGROMASH machines.

OJSC "SAREX" launched sheet bender equipment «AMADA» with 125 tons force.

"Tractor Plants" for the first time demonstrated the full range of products for special purposes at the International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition Russia Arms Expo 2013 (RAE). The premiere of the BTR-MDM, "Sprut-SD" and "Kurganets-25" took place. The latest technology in the field of equipment and personnel security were demonstrated.

CHETRA machinery was forwarded to the airport and a seaport construction on the coast of the Arctic Ocean.

Railway casting and car-building division introduced "Tractor plants" products at the IV International Rail Salon of equipment and technology "EXPO 1520".

OJSC " Steel Research Institute" demonstrated innovations in the field of explosion-proof gas cylinders at the international exhibition "Oil. Gas. Petrochemicals "in Kazan.

Mini loaders CHETRA MKSM 800A were named after the Universiade 2013 gold medal winners.

"MIKONT" Ltd. and Bosch Rexroth company turned on teaching and research center "Hydraulics" at the Chuvash State University.

"Tractor Plants" initiated a joint meeting of the specialized Engineering Union of Russia Committee and the Expert Council under the State Duma Committee on Industry concerning "Measures of state support for the market of motor fuel development, legal regulatory changes and legislative framework."

Photo exhibition "It’s your people, country!" was held in the State Duma in Moscow.

Social-patriotic campaign was held regarding placement on the banners of Vladimir, Volgograd, Canas, Kurgan and Cheboksary cities the portraits of the best Mechanical Engineers working at "Tractor plants" enterprises, enclosed in photoalbum of the exhibition "It’s your people, country!"


LLC "VEC" Volgograd Tractor Plant "started assembly operation of irrigation equipment.

A new operation site for cabins assembly was launched at OJSC "Promtractor".

Fiber-optic cable lines were laid in industrial buildings of OJSC "Kurganmashzavod".

OJSC "Kurganmashzavod" pursued a contest of professional skills of millers.

CHETRA ATV began working for ESPO-2.

The first CHETRA EGP-230 excavator with a hydraulic hammer turned to work.

CHETRA bulldozer was operationalized for trash cleanup in Arctic.

CHAZ TM Brand products manufactured by OJSC " CHAZ ", were first presented at the I International Exhibition BAUMA AFRICA 2013.

"It’s your people, country!" exhibition was held in Kanasha.

Tractor AGROMASH-85TK equipped with DG145T natural gas (methane) engine won a gold medal at the Field Day 2013 in Volgograd region.

A contract for the supply of AGROMASH 85TK Tropicalised tractors to Nicaragua was signed.


High efficiency bending machine manufactured by «AMADA» company was put into service at OJSC "SAREX".

The capacity of CHETRA MKSM mini- loaders was increased up to 1200 kg.

"OTZ" Ltd. organized repair service for flat cars.

OJSC "CHAZ" mastered two new types of tracks.

JSC "Promtractor Wagon" launched production of special items on request of OJSC "Steel Research Institute"

OJSC ""Promtractor " pursued a contest of professional skills of welders.

"ZKLZ" Ltd. celebrated its fifth anniversary.

"Tractor plants" delegation took part in III International Industrial Forum "Engineers of the Future - 2013" on Baikal.

The graduates of engineering faculty of Chuvash State University named after I.N.Ulyanov were presented the diplomas.


OJSC "Kurganmashzavod" began manufacturing preproduction model of advanced track-type machines "Kurganets-25."

OJSC "Promtractor" produced a prototype model of caterpillar excavator EGP-2001.

"Inform Standard Soft" Ltd. together with "Service Industry Machinery" Ltd. completed a web-portal "Telematics" design, which allows the user and service to monitor the equipment state using a standard web-browser. The trial portal operation was started.

"OTZ" Ltd. celebrated its 310th anniversary.

OJSC "CHETRA - Industrial Machines" presented 14 new and upgraded models of CHETRA brand machines, including the concepts of C-33 articulated tip truck, T-6 bulldozer, T-11SP modernized and equipped with Leica PowerGrade at CTT- 2013 exhibition in Moscow.

"It’s your people, country!" exhibition was held in Cheboksary.

The winners of "the machines, we play" art contest for children of engineering industrial group employees were rewarded.

The first regional forum "Engineers of the Future 2013" was held in Chuvashia, under the auspices of the Russian Engineering Union.


A global reconstruction and technical re-equipping of "Tractor plants” casting complex was started on the base of "Promtractor Promlit."Ltd.

"Innovative Products Plant " Ltd. assembled two prototype models of AGROMASH-85TK tractors equipped with methane fuel engine, as well as prototypes of 3-and 4-cylinder methane running engines.

"VEC" Volgograd Tractor Plant” Ltd. branched a new line for tractor frame and cab frame welding AGROMASH-90TG.

OJSC "Cheboksary Aggregate Works" started production of caterpillars A260-22-000.

OJSC "Promtractor" manufactured preproduction models of C-33 articulated tip truck, T-6 bulldozer, EGP-270 tracked excavator, PK- 120-01K loader.

"OTZ" Ltd. put into manufacturing a new modification of the basic model "Onezhets-300", equipped with mulching facilities..

Tractor AGROMASH Ruslan with capacity of 335 hp was awarded a gold medal at the exhibition "Golden Niva - 2013."

Participants of the II Open plowing championship of Russia, held in Rostov region, competed on AGROMASH 85TK tractors.

Russian Center for personal protective equipment testing at OJSC " Steel Research Institute" was opened after reconstruction.

Turners of OJSC “Kurganmashzavod” became the best in the regional competition of professional skill.


OJSC "Promtractor" launched a robotic welding system «FANUC».

Serial production of CHETRA EGP2326 excavator was started.

A 400000th jubilee caterpillar of CHAZ™ brand was produced for DT-75 farm tractor.

"Promtractor Promlit" Ltd. was equipped with a unique milling machine, a new line of large castings machining put into operation for JSC "Promtractor Wagon".

The first set of CHAZ ™ brand tracks was manufactured for Komatsu D275A-5 bulldozers, and put to the test by "Bamstroymekhanizatsia" construction company.

“Innovative Products Plant " Ltd. conducted the first show of innovative tractor, equipped with AGROMASH 85TK222DG methane engine, in Vladimir region.

The developments of robotic units dismantling blockages in the emergency area, carried out by "Tractor Plants", were awarded a gold medal at the "Day of Innovation EMERCOM of Russia 2013".

CHETRA machines started "South Stream" construction.

"Tractor Plants" and the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of Kazakhstan, as well as NC "Kazakhstan Engineering" signed in Astana a memorandum on the investment projects implementation in Kazakhstan to produce new models of combine harvesters, wheel tractors and equipment for public utilities.

OJSC "CHETRA - Industrial Machinery" began re-equipment of the cleaning machines fleet in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

The Youth Council of OJSC "Cheboksary Aggregate Works"was recognized to be the best in the competition, held by the Ministry of Education and Youth Policy of Chuvashia basing on the results of 2012.

OJSC "SAREX" launched into the work laser cutting unit «Bystronic».

"It’s your people, country!" exhibition was held in Volgograd.


OJSC "Kurganmashzavod" started production of molding boxes for OJSC "Promtractor Promlit" to modernize AFL-2.

"OTZ" Ltd. started manufacturing a new modification of the basic model "Onezhets-300" tippers.

JSC "Promtractor Wagon" joined the top three of "TOP-15 leading enterprises in nation-wide federal statistical ranking of economic entities on indicators aggregate of financial and economic activity" of wagon-building and repair loco sheds and factories in Russia.

The sales opening for new CHETRA MKSM mini-loaders of "A" series succeeded in Krasnodar region.

100 CHETRA mini-loaders participated in preparation of the Universiade opening in Kazan.

MMC "Norilsk Nickel" acquired 10 CHETRA all-terrain vehicles.

Bulldozers CHETRA were sent to gold mining in the Laptev Sea (the Arctic Ocean).

Young welders of JSC "Promtractor Wagon" became winners in professional skills contest, organized under the auspices of the «WorldSkills Russia».

"It’s your people, country!" exhibition was held in Vladimir.


JSC "Promtractor Wagon" manufactured prototype models of hopper cars for grain-carrier of two types.

OJSC "SAREX" assembled 2 MKSM-800A prototypes equipped with D130TV liquid cooling engine, produced by "Vladimir Motor-Tractor Plant", and launched a blast cabinet.

OJSC "Kurganmashzavod" and OJSC "Steel Research Institute " took part in the international exhibition of arms IDEX-2013 in the UAE.

The Airborne Forces Commander-in Cief, Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov visited OJSC "Kurganmashzavod."

A test drive was provided in Moscow for consumers of new CHETRA TM-140 ATVs.

Special-purpose committee of the Russian Engineering Union, chaired by the Vice-President N. Partasova held a meeting in Saransk, in frames of the Interregional Roundtable on technical modernization issues of AIC within the terms of WTO.

Set-up of the Center for the production of equipment for the VFD was announced on the basis of OJSC "SAREX" in Mordovia. Tractor show was organized with demonstration of AGROMASH and CHETRA technical capacities.

Science and Technology Museum of Tractor History was recognized as the best tourist destination of Chuvashia in 2012.

"It’s your people, country!" exhibition was held in Saransk.


OJSC "Promtractor" organized assembly section for wheeled agricultural tractors transmissions AGROMASH and made a prototype model of EGP-2331 tracked excavator.

Assembly line of AGROMASH 5000 combine harvester gained the highest assessment in the course of Sampo Rosenlew LTD technical audit.

The serial production of CHETRA MKSM mini-loaders, Series "A" by OJSC "SAREX" was organized.

OJSC "Kurganmashzavod" implemented the transition to a module payroll and personnel records of "AS Parus".

Land Forces Commander-In-Chief,, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin got acquainted with the production and technical capabilities of OJSC "Kurganmashzavod".

"Promtractor Promlit" Ltd. and OJSC "CHAZ" organized the competitions of professional skills.

"CHKZCH" Ltd. provided rebranding of CHAZ ™ brand.

Special program was launched for consumers, stipulating rise in price of 3.9% per year when purchasing CHETRA equipment on lease.

OJSC "CHETRA - Industrial Machinery" and JSC "Petroleasing Management" signed a cooperation agreement and launched a joint program for leasing acquisition of CHETRA Russian construction and extracting equipment.

OJSC "Promtractor" celebrated its 40th anniversary.

OJSC " Steel Research Institute" joined the ranks of winners of the metropolitan competition on labor protection.

"VEC" Volgograd Tractor Factory " took part in the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Stalingrad Battle.

"It’s your people, country!" exhibition was held in Krasnoyarsk.

Orphanages inmates of Yekaterinburg and Cheboksary visited the Scientific and Technical Museum of Tractor History under the auspices of "Tractor plants".


OJSC "Kurganmashzavod" opened after reconstruction the electric and radio equipment site for assembly and acceptance process. The target of the project - technological processes separation - procurement and electric-installation (assembly), as well as preparing the facilities for advanced products.

OTZ prepared for testing a new model of the tracked vehicles family - "Onezhets 392" with turntable skip. Tipper "Onezhets 392" expands the vehicle line of Petrozavodsk tractor producers for lumberjacks and foresters, forest fire fighters, farmers and telecommunications workers, municipal and road services.

Promo video of "Tractor Plants" Group Corporation became an winner of the National Corporate Media Award "Silver Threads-2012" in "The best special project in corporate communications" nomination. The aim of «TRACTOR PLANTS: SMART SOLUTIONS" promo video was a demonstration of brands "AGROMASH" and "CHETRA" products, core competencies of dynamic developing holding: the ability to create innovative and competitive products for industrial, railway, defense and agricultural purposes, made in Russia, to the business community, potential partners and consumers.

The winner of the category " technical and industrial goods " of All-Russia competition of the "100 best goods of Russia" became "Promtractor Promlit." Ltd. The expert community recognized the casting "side-frame" CHLZ-100.00.002-05 to be a high quality product. Cast steel item is used for two-axle bogies of freight wagons of various modifications. In the outgoing year Promtractor Promlit produced more than 32 tons of "side-frame" castings, and that is 6.8% more than last year's volume.

JSC "Promtractor Wagon" successfully passed the Certification Association "Russian Maritime Register of Shipping" (Nizhny Novgorod) exam, and confirmed that the quality management system of JSC "Promtractor Wagon" was in compliance with the international standards ISO 9001: 2008. The enterprise created an analysis group for the consumer complaints. The new products are at stage of successful development including advanced in the grocery market hopper cars for grain and cement transportation.

Tracked machine AGROMASH-Ruslan received a positive assessment of the Acceptance Committee of representatives from Povolzhskaya state machine testing station, "Agromashholding" sales company "Promtractor" plant, NATI engineers (part of the Steel Research Institute) and the expert community. Pilot batch assembling of a 6-class AGROMASH Ruslan caterpillar machine is expected after revision of identified observations in 2013.

JSC "Promtractor Wagon" successfully completed works on launching production of 19-9838-01hopper car model. Kanashsk railcar manufacturers obtained the certificate of conformity SSFZhT to produce the initial batch of wagons in the amount of three thousand units on December 13, 2012. The new product of "Promtractor Wagon" was designed for transportation of cement and more than 80 nominations of bulk cargo, requiring weather protection.

OJSC "Steel Research Institute” was passed under the control of “Tractor Plants” Corporate Management Company.


OJSC "Kurganmashzavod" hosted a charity tournament on mini-football, called the "Challenge Cup" by organizers. The contributions of contestants - about 40 thousand rubles – were spent for purchasing sports equipment for patronized pupils of Kipelsk orphanage.

The presentation of "Tractor plants" Group Corporation diploma of the participant of the head of the republic award contest in the field of social responsibility took place at a national forum on World Quality Day and the European Quality Week. The Group Corporation’s products received a diploma of the competition winner "100 best goods of Russia" and two diplomas of " Quality Brand of the Chuvash Republic."

The enterprise veterans visited the plant within the framework of the events dedicated to the 40th anniversary of "Promtractor" construction in Cheboksary. The extensive tour of the plant and "Tractor Show" were provided for the pioneers. The show was performed by bulldozers and excavators manufactured by the company. Honourable guests visited the only Scientific-Technical Museum of Tractor History in Russia.

Installation of LED light sources completed at OJSC "Promtractor" assembly shop. This can enable the company to significantly reduce the cost of electricity, improve safety and environmental climate at the workplace. The event took place in the framework of the planned package of measures to optimize production and operating costs of the enterprise.

President, the research director of "Steel Research Institute", RA MAS Academician, a member of the National Committee of the Russian Federation on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Valery Grigoryan presented awards to the members of the Institute of the All-Russian competition "Robotics" winners, the final part of which took place in Cheboksary. Schoolchildren, students of secondary specialized educational institutions and universities, as well as specialists of engineering enterprises were among the competing. 37 inventors defended their projects.

Casting body parts for mechanical engineering, freight cars, industrial tractors and bulldozers, agricultural, skidders, harvesters, navigation systems for diesel engines were represented at the international exhibition "Metal-Expo 2012" in All-Russian Exhibition Center. Exhibits were performed by various casting methods.

The Hall of Fame was solemnly opened at Volgograd Tractor Plant. Its exhibition was devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Soviet counter-offensive beginning near Stalingrad.

The meeting of youth leaders from 22 enterprises of the machine-industrial group "Tractor Plants " Group Corporation” was held on 16-18 November in Cheboksary. The forum was attended by 72 young professionals from 8 regions of Russia. The purpose of the meeting was the mainstreaming the existing Youth Councils and creation of new ones, experiences exchange, learning advanced methods of workflow and leadership development of young professionals.


The traveling exhibition "Your people, country!" was opened in Kurgan on October 26. The participants and guests of the regional professional skill competition of electricians of the Ural Federal District, which was held under the motto "We praise the man of labor!" were the first persons to see the exhibition.

A solemn opening ceremony of the photo exhibition "Your people, country!" and awarding the winners of similar scrapbook corporate award "Golden Staff of " Tractor Plants "Corporation” 2009-2011 of Kurgan holding companies was held October 30 at the Palace of Culture of Mechanical Engineers.

Ceremony of traveling photo exhibition "Your people, country!" transfer to the funds of scientific and technological tractor history museum.

Promtractor Wagon topped the list of the Honour roll of Chuvash Republic industrial enterprises opened in Cheboksary. Products for 10.6 billion roubles were shipped to domestic and foreign customers in the past year.

Concern "Tractor plants" took 142 place in the ranking of the largest Russian companies held by "Expert " agency in conjunction with "Expert" magazine.

The manufacturers of agricultural machinery and tractors showed the dynamic growth, which increased sales volume by average 56.9% this year. The State program to support the agricultural sector intensified the technical re-equipment process in agriculture. Industry Leader in the current rating "Tractor plants" Group Corporation increased sales by 55.7%.

199 rationalization proposals submitted by KMZ and OJSC "SKBM" experts during the year and implemented, resulted in economic benefits worth more than 25 million rubles. The authors of the best 17 works were distinguished by competition commission, composed of Kurgan regional branch of the Russian Engineering Union representatives. The winners were determined by nominations: "Improvement of technological processes", "Energy Saving", "Improving the quality and reliability", "Ecological Materials", "Equipment Modernization".

Newspaper "Tractor Plants" - the best in the machinery engineering category. This decision was made by a jury for IV All-Russian competition of publications within the media instruments for the engineering category, held by Russian Engineering Union and the Union of Journalists of Russia.


The presentation of professional award "golden staff" of "Tractor plants" Group Corporation was provided for the best mechanical engineers of the country from 10 territorial entities of the RF.


On the first Sunday in August, Promtractor Wagon workers celebrated their professional holiday. Production output increased by 166%. Promtractor Wagon was mentioned in four of the top-rank enterprises among Russian car manufacturing companies.

The fortieth anniversary of the engineering and tractor machinery development department of Cheboksary industrial tractors plant.

"Tractor Plants" Group Corporation realized the products for 23.8 billion roubles at I half-year end. Deputy General Director for Corporate Finance and Economics of "Tractor plants" Group Corporation Mikhail Shkolnik said that the Company obtained net income for this period. Various business segments of «Tractor Plants" Group Corporation demonstrated the mixed trends: high efficiency and growth rates experienced in the rail division, segment of military equipment was rather profitable, although so far behind indicators scheduled for 2012.

Department of Information Technology of the Group Corporation developed, tested and partially implemented three projects that could have a significant impact on business processes of the entire machine-building-industrial group "Tractor Plants", as well as on its certain enterprises. These were «BI-system", "Typical procurement model" and "Promtractor automotive transport management automation".

Promtractor Promlit confirmed again that the production management and products of the plant conformed to international standards. The commission findings regarding management system correspondence to ISO 9001quality requirements was a result of inspection by representatives of the certification body - "Russian Register - Baltic Inspection" Ltd.

The delegation of "Tractor Plants" Group Corporation, consisting of young, creative workers of holding companies participated in major international youth forum "Engineers of the Future", which took place on July 17-29 in Irkutsk region on the shores of the Lake Baikal.

A traveling photo exhibition, "Your people, country!" started in Moscow on 28 September, at the International Multimedia Press Center. It was co-organized with engineering-industrial group " Tractor plants " Group Corporation and RIA Novosti. 327 heroes of labor, and the best specialists of engineering industry in Russia within the period of 2009 to 2011including 22 enterprises, design and marketing companies located in 10 regions of the Russian Federation were represented in the chronicle. The portraits of 35 the most distinguished, awarded persons, who made a significant contribution to the development of machine-building enterprises of the country were presented at the exhibition.


There was a presentation of diplomas to the graduates of the Chuvash State University - "source of manpower" for Chuvash "Tractor plants" Group Corporation. Future mechanical engineers obtained diplomas within the atmosphere of rare exhibits of the Museum of tractor history. Documents on Higher Education awarded 67 full-time and part-time pupils branches of engineering faculty, six of them - with a difference. The documents certifying Higher Education received 67 full-time and part-time students of engineering faculty, six of them - with distinction.

The event dedicated to the Day of Metallurgist was held on July 13 at Traktorostroitel community center. The best employees of a fiery profession were presented awards at a solemn meeting.

Students of the Moscow Technical University named after Bauman undertook an on-the-job training within the engineering structures of "Tractor Plants" Cheboksary site. They familiarized themselves with the casting, forging, metalworking production of Promtractor, Cheboksary Aggregate Plant, and Promtractor Promlit.


"Tractor Plants" presented 15 new and upgraded models of CHETRA brand domestic appliances at the exhibition "Construction Equipment and Technologies - 2012" from May 29 to June 2 in Moscow. The main products of the holding - heavy tracked vehicles - were presented as the second generation, different from the previous series and equipped with more advanced engines and cooling systems. . The changes affected also the transmission, fuel and hydraulic systems, cab and cladding arrangement.

JSC "Promtractor Wagon" was declared to be the winner in Chuvashia among nationwide contest "Best policyholder in 2011of mandatory pension insurance in the category of “policyholder with the number of employees more than 500 people” participants.


Preproduction models and production machines for the farmers of the Russian South and CIS countries were demonstrated at the XII International Agricultural Exhibition "Golden Niva-2012". There were tracked AGROMASH 90TG of Volgograd Tractor Plant, AGROMASH 315 TG produced by Promtractor, and wheeled AGROMASH 85TK of Vladimir Motor-Tractor Plant, rice harvester AGROMASH-Yenisey 858 of Krasnoyarsk Combine Plant, and skid steer loader MKSM-800N, manufactured by Kurganmashzavod.


Lipetsk plant of caterpillar tractors celebrated its 45th anniversary. 7 base-type and 6 modernized types of self-moving tracked chassis for anti-aircraft missile system C-300V compose the basic plant line-up of today. RF Ministry of Defense signed a state contract with "Almaz-Antey" AD Concern for supply of anti-aircraft missile systems C-300V4.

Serial production of AGROMASH 85TK tractors equipped with liquid cooling engines was set at Vladimir Motor-Tractor plant. This engine maintains a stable operation temperature that has a positive effect on fuel consumption reduction and environmental performance. Tractors equipped with this kind of engine are better suited for the southern regions and central Russia.

JSC "Promtractor Wagon" won the economic competition of the processing industries organizations of the Chuvash Republic. High production performance was achieved largely due to the introduction of modern technologies and development of new products.

The lecture hall under"CHETRA brand" was opened at Arkhangelsk Forestry College of the Federal Northern Arctic University named after M.V. Lomonosov. Three training simulators for harvesters CHETRA KX-451 were installed therein. It was planned to train yearly 150 operators and service technicians.

The production of new bogie wheels for average class traction bulldozer in Russia - CHETRA T11 was launched at Cheboksary Aggregate Works. New bogie models were designed for light and medium operational conditions of equipment. The exploitation was carried out on the basis of already manufactured products for other tractor models, thereby it was possible to significantly reduce the price of a new product.

It was announced about the further development of partnership with partner companies at the Group Corporation Congress of dealers responsible for implementing CHETRA brand equipment for industrial use. To date, "Tractor plants" has the most extensive dealer network consisting of 136 dealers. More than 50 specialized centers operate within the Russian territory.

A meeting of the State Council Committee on Economic Policy of Chuvashia "On implementation of the innovative project priority " Development and introduction of new models of freight cars into mass production " on the basis of "Promtractor-Wagon". Deputies decided to continue the project with budget support of the Chuvash Republic.

VMTZ Personnel Service organized gross advanced training for enterprise staff by its own efforts.

One of the two T-34 tanks available at the museum-panorama "Stalingrad Battle" was delivered to "VEC" Volgograd Tractor Plant " for May holidays celebration. The historical combat vehicle, as well as last year, will lead the convoy of armored vehicles at the Victory Parade.

To Victory Day celebration, "Tractor plants" Group Corporation honored about 7,500 participants of the Great Patriotic War, home front workers, Leningrad blockade people and combatants in the "hot spots" of the world.

The grand opening of the memorial stele in memory of war veterans and home front workers, who worked in different years for the company was held May 8 at the "Promtractor" plant in Cheboksary. The monument was erected on the site of the veterans stand with photos, which was located at the central entrance of the plant for many years .

Steel Research Institute experts were awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation of Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov for their work in the closed category in the field of armaments and military equipment. Advisor to the Director of Science, Academician Alexander Elkin, head of dynamic protection Nikolai Dorohov and President, Director of Science, Academician Valery Grigoryan were among the award winners.

Contest of professional skills among turners was held at Cheboksary Aggregate Works. Anatoly Nikitin, a turner of the tool shop became a winner.

OJSC “Steel Research Institute” presented their technology of explosion-proof gas cylinders to a broad user at the exhibition "Day of advanced technologies and innovations” in Balashikha on April 27. The technology allows to produce gas cylinders, that are safe even in the body of fire.

A free Unified Contact Center was launched allowing on-line solving the most of the consumer problems regarding maintenance and repair of vehicles, as well as multi-function "dealer portal" - a complex system making it possible for service network participants to get all necessary information and services remotely.

Rare tractor equipment of the only Tractor History Museum in Russia victoriously completed its first run on June 10. The tractors of the first half - the middle of the XX century, restored by the efforts of the museum and Promtractor workers, students of Cheboksar Electromechanical College: 15/30 STZ (Stalingrad Tractor Plant, 1930), KhTZ-7 (Kharkiv Tractor Plant, 1952), T-38 (LTZ, 1937), as well as homemade tractor models were involved in the run. Rare tractors overcame two days route Cheboksary - Kugesi - Tsivilsk - Kanash district - Yalchiki (total length - 350 km).

Results of competition "innovator-2011" were summarized. 199 of 379 technical innovations submitted by KMZ and Special Design Bureau of Machine Building (SDBMB), experts during the year were implemented. The cost advantage exceeded 25 million roubles. The winners were determined by nominations: improvement of technological processes, energy saving, improving the quality and reliability of products, saving materials, equipment modernization.


The results of 47 manufacturing companies for 2011were considered during a panel session of the Interdepartmental Commission on summarizing the economic competition between the organizations of the manufacturing sector of the Chuvash Republic. The following prizes were awarded according to the results for the year 2011. . In the group of companies with a crew size of 1,500 and above 1 place was taken by JSC "Promtractor - Wagon", 3rd place - "Promtractor - Promlit" Ltd.

The meeting of a film director and politician Stanislaus GOVORUKHIN with representatives of labor collectives of "Tractor Plants" Group Corporation was organized.

Head of "Kurganmashzavod" Ltd. Technology Office Alexei Pritchin won in the category "Professional Engineers", according to the results of the contest "Best Engineer of Kurgan Region" for 2011

Steel Research Institute has developed a long-term patterns of multi-charge firing electro-shock devices. This became another line of products in a number of the most successful developments, carried out by the Institute over the past decades.

"Service of industrial machines" Company, initiated by CHETRA Forest held a three-week training courses for operators of harvesters based in FBSU "Tsentrles" in Sofrino, Pushkinsky district, Moscow region. The training program was implemented under the state contract. This course was provided for the trainees on a pro bono basis. During training the operators were working on harvesters KH - 451 produced by "OTZ" Ltd.

Agromashholding company introduced farmers competitive and reliable line of wheeled and tracked vehicles for the Tatarstan Republic. The President of the Republic of Tatarstan and the representatives of 43 districts of Tatarstan got acquainted with progressive models of agricultural machinery during the seminar. Agromashholding introduced farmers of Tatarstan the line of modernized universal cultivating wheeled tractors with capacity of 30, 50, 60 and 85 hp produced by "Vladimir Motor-Tractor Plant", track-type tractor "Agromach-315TG" with power of 315 hp, available both metal and rubber armoured tracks.

Line of the best "Tractor plants" models of specialized equipment was presented to senior management of the country at the forestry machinery exhibition "Crocus Expo" in Moscow on March 29. The Federal Agency for Forestry Affairs raised a strategic point of supplies of the special fire fighting equipment for the timber industry of the country. "CHETRA Forest" Company was among the producers recognized the only suppliers of forest fire equipment. Holding enterprises achieved good results by developing a number of new models of forest fire equipment, including a breakthrough machines of Kurganmashzavod created on the basis of MIC technologies.

The delegation of Silvatec e[perts, specializing in the forestry equipment production visited their colleagues in Russia. The Danes got acquainted with the work of the Onega Tractor Plant producers in Petrozavodsk, "Promtractor" and Cheboksary Aggregate Works in Chuvashia. The issues of interaction within the machine-building-industrial groups and development perspectives of Russian forest machinery market were discussed at the meeting.

Scientific and Production company EWA within the closed forest equipment exhibition at IEC "Crocus - Expo" in Moscow was going to present a high-performance and high-tech energy container. The unique and versatile equipment can provide people with electricity, heating, filtered fresh air and drinking water in both uninhabitable places, and in emergency situations.

Russian Olympic Committee awarded the head of machine-building-industrial group "Concern" Tractor Plants "Mikhail Bolotin the diploma for active participation in the preparation and holding the first International Cup of the President of the Russian Federation in weightlifting. International Tournament in weightlifting was organized and successfully held in Belgorod with the support of the tractor plant personnel. Our weightlifters won all five gold medals of the Cup and achieved new world records in barbell-lifting.

"Tractor Plants" announced the launch of traditional educational project " Olympiad of innovative solutions - 2012". The main objectives of the Olympiad - identification of effective and innovative projects and putting them into production, searching and promotion of creative and talented students to form the Group Corporation personnel reserve.

The Agreement on social and economic cooperation between the regional government and "OTZ" Ltd. was signed in Economic Development Ministry of Karelia. According to the document signed, Onezhsky Tractor Plant planned to implement its own investment projects aimed at improving the reliability and quality of products and services, as well as the modernization and re-equipment of production capacities.

The Group Corporation had completed a full debt restructuring. The credit agreement became the biggest case of debt restructuring in modern Russian history according to the assessments of financial analysts. 16 banks and 27 companies of the machine-building-industrial group participated in this settlement. 1501 contracts were signed In the course of this work. Successful implementation of the project became possible thanks to the coordinated work of financial departments employees of “Tractor plants" business units.

Special Design Bureau of Machine Building (SDBMB), and Kurganmashzavod specialists created universal tracked chassis with a special off-road equipment for the forest fire liquidation. The first tracked vehicle was sent to the place of its operation - to CSFU "Tsentrles" of Sofrino village near Moscow in December last year. It aroused the interest of CSFU specialists with high speed, carrying capacity and maneuverability.

The cross functional row-crop 30-hp tractor "AGROMASH 30TK"produced in Vladimir, was awarded in the nomination "For the development and commercial production of mobile agricultural machinery and trucks", according to the XXII international exhibition "AgroComplex-2012"results, where in operation were presented progressive municipal and agricultural machinery of the leading machine builders of Russia and foreign partners.

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), permanently and successfully used within the "Tractor Plants", got further development. The subsystem of clearances and registration of contracts automatization was launched in operation. This was another step in optimization of the Group Corporation business processes, which could enable faster contracts signing and documents preparation.

The sculpture composition - Ostap Bender and Kisa Vorobianinov accompanied with the chair, created by carpenter Gambs appeared in Cheboksary. The work was performed by sculptor Vladimir NAGORNOV from Chuvashia. This project was initiated by the President of the Group Corporation “Tractor plants” Michael Bolotin.


The building of "Tractor Plants" Group Corporation took II place among two hundred corporate newspapers and magazines in the annual ranking conducted by non-profit project portal "Production Management". The first media ranking of "Production Management" portal was published in March 2011. That time the "Tractor plants" publication took 6th place among the corporate newspapers. Corporate Edition "Tractor Plants" was created in 2009. Within six months after the establishment the edition was recognized as the winner in "The best industry-specific newspaper " nomination of All-Russian competition of media publications on engineering topics, organized by the "Russian Machinery Engineering Union" together with the Russian Union of Journalists. The newspaper took the III place in "Print Media" category in the same competition in September 2011.

"Tractor Plants" was going to invest in the re-equipment of facilities 17.5 billion rubles. It was planned to invest billions of dollars in the creation of capacities for new products for the period of 2012-2017. Emphasis was placed on introduction of "soft technologies" that would overcome the "inherited" dependence of plants on technology designed to produce a single product.

The only cars assembly factory in Novgorod region became a part of the engineering enterprise "Cheboksary power units," affiliated with "Tractor plants" Group Corporation last fall. The selling transaction of "Avtospetsoborudovanie", former regional estate area, brought 25.5 million roubles to the region. Experts believed this was the real amount, given that the company had taken a credit against the guarantee of the region administration of 238 million roubles in 2010. The plant was supposed to settle accounts with the credit all alone, and expand its product line after emergence of the new owners.

The specialists of Special Design Bureau of Machine Building (SDBMB), occurring in the division of special and dual-use products of" Tractor plants "dealt with designing promising light armored combat vehicle. The project was called "Kurganets 25". A conceptually new machine was supposed to be the basis for the wide range of light armored tracked vehicles, but at the request of the customer should retain the positive qualities of the previous models. The prototype of the machine was planned for the end of 2012.

Doors Open Day was held at Vladimir Motor-Tractor Plant. Students of agricultural colleges and universities, ready to build a career with this manufacturing were invited to participation in the event. But the main purpose of this action was to share development plans with strategic partners.

"Tractor plants" Group Corporation started to supply "AGROMASH 50TK" tractors vehicle set to Belotserkovskii Harvester Tractor Plant. The company expected to reduce the costs by 10-15% due to use of Ukrainian components.

OJSC "Kurganmashzavod" held a contest of professional skills among numerical control machines adjusters. The first place was taken Roman Melehin from MSZ.

The head of Chuvashia Michael Ignatieff visited OJSC "Cheboksary Aggregate Works" on February 17. Addressing the workers, the head of the republic said that Cheboksary Aggregate Plant occupies an important place in the economy of the republic. He was convinced after shop floor inspection that the modernization, though at a slow pace, but still underway. 6 employees received from the Head of Chuvashia acknowledgement for the progress made in the work, and years of hard work at the end of the meeting.

OJSC "Cheboksary Aggregate Works" introduced a new line of check-locks branded CHE.ZAM. The line of check-lock devices was rather broad and unusual. The range includes both locking devices used for its intended purpose, and locks- souvenirs.

European Cup field-track cross competition among sports clubs were held In Spain in early February. Russia was represented by the junior team of Kurgan sports club "Zauralets" consisting of employees of KMZ. The junior team took the second place, repeating its last year's success.

Vladimir Motor-Tractor plant produced the first prototypes of new compact excavator with a shifting axis of digging, issued on the basis of wheel tractor AGROMASH 85TK. The main feature of this model was boom shifting.

In January and February of this year, JSC "Promtractor Wagon" increased the production of cars by more than 2 times compared to the previous period - to 1140 units (for the same period of 2011 - 502 wagons). Promtractor Wagon became the most dynamic company of the Chuvash Republic, subsequent to the results of the first quarter.


OJSC "SAREX" was going to launch tractors "AGROMASH" ranging from 30 to 85hp in 2012. Wheeled vehicles "AGROMASH" was equipped with GLONASS system - voice faults reporting and other advanced technologies. The tests shown that the wheel tractors were highly effective and easy to operate. OJSC "SAREX" expanded both the geography of supplies and products line, due to constant implementation of advanced production technologies, and high quality control and work with customers.

Steel Research Institute completed manufacturing a protective sapper kit (PSK), and successfully delivered it to the customer - the Ministry of Defence of RF. PSK "Doubloon" - a rather complicated and time-consuming product. It contains more than 50 titanium armor elements. PSK "Doubloon" got in operational service with almost all divisions of engineering troops, and its counterpart "Zaslon" - with police departments in many cities of Russia. A high level of anti-bullet and anti-shatter protection over the entire surface, including the arms and legs, comfortable kit design allowing sapper to easily move and perform combat missions, doing "Doubloon" one of the best among the domestic counterparts.

Executive Director of OJSC "Kurganmashzavod" Igor Giske reported of other significant results of the organization at the final meeting of the Russian Engineering Union regional branch, which was held at Kurganmashzavod on December 28. Lobbying and interests protection of Kurgan machine builders continued in the federal and regional authorities, as well as propagandist and informational activities in 2011. Size of the organization increased to 800 people. The "geography" expanded significantly: 47 organizations and enterprises of Zauralye mechanical engineering were formed in the regional office.

In general, the scheduled indicators exceeded 25% within the Group's businesses, manufacturing railway products in 2011. The highest growth rates were recorded in casting production: "Promtractor Promlit" twice increased its production of railway products. The main casting direction customers were recognized large enterprises, such as Barnaul WRP, Roslavlsky WRP, OJSC «Ruzkhimmash" Trading House "RZhD" and other major domestic manufacturers.

Another novelty - AGROMASH tractor-90TG successfully entered the market of agricultural machinery as the absolute leader in machines for rice cultivation. Agromach-90TG congregated innovative technology and the best of technical and consumer characteristics of previous samples as a successor to the popular model DT-75.

The first television channel showed an episode of CHETRA TM-130 ATV, which was produced by Kurgan Engineering Works. A renowned broadcaster Michael Shirvindt arrived to Kurgan purposely for shooting plot in late November. In the program, "I want to know everything," the author seeks to answer the question of why Russia needs ATV. OJSC "KMZ" along with the production of infantry fighting vehicles began to explore manufacturing civil machines in the early 90-ies of XX century.


A unique technical trick first performed by specialists Concern was entered in the Guinness Book of Records as "the Russian official record”: 17-ton bulldozer CHETRA-9, raised up above the ground with the help of three pipe-laying "new generation" CHETRA TG511 fulfilled flips around its own axis thanks to the special technology solutions.

29 November

Michael Bolotin, the President and CEO of the management company " Tractor Plants " Group Corporation was awarded the title of "Entrepreneur of the Year "in the category" Engineering ", on the basis of the national stage of international competition" Entrepreneur of the Year »(Entrepreneur Of The Year Award), organized by company Ernst & Young.

Trade- Service Company "Tractor Plants" Group Corporation, LLC "Agromashholding” and OJSC "Russian Agricultural Bank" signed an agreement on cooperation within the programs implementation:
— "Partial cost compensation (subsidy) of interest regarding the special-purpose program "Mortgage Loan on the “equipment and / or machinery purchased “.
— "Upgrading harvesters fleet".

October 29

A unique scientific and technical Museum of the Tractor History was opened in unspoken capital of the domestic tractor industry, under the auspices of the Mechanical Engineers Union.

September 30.

OJSC "Cheboksary Aggregate Works", the key enterprise of "Tractor Plants" Group Corporation, celebrated the 55th anniversary of the founding.


"Tractor Plants" Group Corporation, the first among the domestic manufacturers, began developing a large-scale innovative project for the implementation of a fully functional, unified solution for monitoring and analyzing the machinery states. This equipment was produced by enterprises of the Group, based on advanced technologies "GLONASS / GPS».

The Group Corporation and the Federal Forestry Agency (FFA) signed a cooperation agreement to improve the effectiveness of interaction in organizing the development and maintenance of forestry subjects of the Russian Federation with the required innovative technologies, including forest fire guard and other specialized modifications.

August 7

The team of "Tractor plants" leading enterprise for the train production, JSC "Promtractor Wagon", celebrated the 75th anniversary of Kanash wagon repair factory.


The enterprises of Group Corporation proven in the market of specialized equipment were included in the list of the only suppliers of forest fire equipment and machinery for governmental customers, as part of the Order of the Russian Federation Government of 15.04.2011 №622-p


Syndicate of creditor banks - a unique example of effective implementation of public-private partnerships principles in close cooperation with financial institutions, and consulting organizations was founded with a view to restructuring the loan obligations of the holding. The immensity of the arrangement was unexampled by the number and composition of Russian and foreign participants; 16 banks and 27 organizations were attended in signing of 1501 agreement s.

February 22

Machine-Building-Industrial Group "Tractor Plants" Group Corporation signed the first agreement in the history of domestic engineering framework, concerning the implementation of large-scale robot automation of all production sites of the holding. Japanese company FANUC («FANUC Robotics Europe" and "FANUC Robotics Russia") became the partners of the holding.


A large batch of bulldozers CHETRA T25 was for the first time shipped off to the coal mines of the state Indian company «Coal India». This tender, won by the leading enterprise "Tractor plants" was the largest in history of relations between the Russian manufacturers of tractor equipment and the Indian state-owned companies.


The first of the domestic manufacturers "Tractor Plants" began developing a large-scale innovative project for the implementation of a fully functional, unified solution for monitoring and analyzing the state of machines produced by the enterprises of the Group, based on advanced technologies “GLONASS / GPS».


High-tech and super-modern equipment for the new generation freight cars production - universal welding-assembly building (UWAB) was launched at JSC "Promtractor Wagon" in Kanash. Complex is able to deliver annually 9 thousand units of rolling stock. The project, implemented by "Tractor Plants", became the first in the modern history of Russia's transport engineering, both in terms of investment and the technological intensity

January 25.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visited OJSC "Promtractor" within the framework of his working visit to the Chuvash Republic, and got acquainted with the equipment of "CHETRA" brand manufactured by the engineering industry group "Tractor Plants" Group Corporation.

December 17.

The Supervisory Board of the State Corporation "Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)" to reduce the financial crisis impact, made the decision to participate in subsidization of "financial recovery program and innovative development of "Tractor plants" Group Corporation till 2016" by providing engineering holding stabilization loan in amount of 15 billion roubles.

In 2009

The first issue of a single corporate newspaper "Tractor Plants" was published. It was recognized to be the best industry publication of the country within the All-Russian competition of media publications on engineering topics of the Russian Engineering Union and the Union of Journalists of Russia. Also, the first issue of a specialized corporate magazine AGROMASH. The first polygraph of a specialized corporate magazine AGROMASH was also issued.

First Vice-President of the "Tractor plants" Group Corporation Albert Bakov headed a delegation of the Russian business community in framework of the official visit of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to Central Africa.

The production of attached implements based on Austrian company Vogel & Noot technologies was launched.

The enterprises of «Tractor plants" Group Corporation, the first of the domestic engineering companies started to produce samples of domestic standard agricultural and construction equipment brands CHETRA and AGROMASH using the system of on-board navigation satellite connected terminals GLONASS / GPS.

The presentation of the first Russian harvester "CHETRA KH451" - multistage machine designed for timber stockpiling was held.

Caterpillar pipelayer CHETRA TG-122 was awarded the diploma of the All-Russian contest "100 best goods of Russia 2009".

"DT-75" - "90 AGROMASH TG" tractor restyling version was manufactured. It gained a silver medal at the main agronomic exhibition of the country "Golden Autumn - 2009".

The presentation of a broad range of "Tractor plants" innovative equipment for agricultural purposes under a single, the biggest in Russia, national brand - "AGROMASH" was held at the International specialized exhibition "Agrotech Russia - 2009".

The freight wagons output exceeded by 51%, as well as the market share of rail cars was enhanced from 3% to 11%. The certification for model 12-1303-01 gondola wagons with increased cubic capacity and reinforced frame CHLZ 100.00.002-05 production was received.

The incomes gained from operations allowed the engineering group to continue the further implementation of the long-term investment program, which involved 13 investment projects in the following directions: creation and development of new equipment types (3 in Industrial Technology, 4 - in agricultural, 1 - in transport engineering), the generation of the component base (4 projects), development of marketing infrastructure and services.

The anti-crisis program, allowing you to reduce costs by 2.5 billion roubles (as of 1 November 2009) was successfully implemented by the holding management company. It included the maintenance costs of production sites (it was reduced by 15 percent -520 million roubles), reducing management costs (the effect of 200 million roubles), the optimization of working capital (1.5 billion savings) and production restructuring.

Holding company Concern Tractor Plants NV was renamed as Machinery & Industrial Group NV.

The organizational stage of Russia's largest engineering group was ended. Several dozens of companies manufacturing a wide range of equipment for the implementation of large-scale works in the field of roads construction and other complex civil engineering, land reclamation and integrated implementation of modern technologies for various crops cultivation, wood processing and defense industry were incorporated within a single holding. This Group Corporation was Russia's largest integrator of national and international infrastructure projects at the moment.

In 2008

Engineering group took the next stage of its reorganization and was transformed into a holding company Concern Tractor Plants NV (The Netherlands). Concern Tractor Plants N.V. successfully passed listing procedure at Frankfurt Stock Exchange in December.

The specialized trading company of machine-building group run training programs for professionals working on innovative equipment manufactured by the enterprises of “Tractor plants" Group Corporation.

Training center for workers and specialists of high-tech industries in mechanical engineering was created on the basis of the Cheboksary Electromechanical College within the framework of public-private partnerships and the national project "Education" and under financial support of "Tractor plants" Group Corporation and the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

"Tractor plants" Group Corporation and the Same Deutz-Fahr company signed a bilateral memorandum of strategic partnership for the implementation of a Russian joint production projects for manufacturing and promotion of modern agricultural equipment to the markets of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

The certificates for freight cars production (Model 12-2123 (marker TPD) and model 12-9788-01 with increased run between repairs - 500 thousand km were collected.

The prototype of upgraded airborne combat vehicle - BMD-4M was designed and produced. The integrated reliability test was run, according to the program agreed with the Chief Armored Directorate of the Defense Ministry and the Airborne Troops.

The first Russian forwarder FOREST CHETRA KS 421 for the timber industry complex use, paired with harvester manufactured by the Danish company Silvatec was created at "Kraslesmash" plant.

The prototype model of the 5th grade harvester "Yenisei - 970", with capacity up to 16 tons grains per hour was produced by OJSC "IG" Krasnoyarsk Combine Plant”.

Operational testing of the heaviest Russian bulldozer CHETRA T40 with the capacity of 650 hp and the weight of 68 000 kg was completed.

Austrian company Vogel & Noot Landmaschinen GmbH was integrated into “Tractor Plants” Group Corporation. It enabled to provide the whole group of engineering products with high quality castings on the basis of quality stainless steel "Permanit ©».

The buying transaction of 74% of the shares of German foundry Luitpoldhutte AG, supplying parts and accessories for cars, the second foreign asset of "Tractor Plants" Group Corporation was completed. The transaction was made by the manufacturer of automotive components Farinia Group. Due to this acquisition, the engineering holding gained access to advanced European technology and admission to global manufacturers, such as Buhler, BHS Corrugated, Caterpillar, CNH, Copeland, Cummins, Danfoss Bauer and General Electric, - the customers of the acquired company.

A full-scale industrial project - Week of "Tractor Plants" Group Corporation - under the slogan" Made in Russia " was held with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the largest Russian public organization "Russian Engineering Union" at "Krylatskoe" stadium in Moscow from 27 to 30 May 2008. The whole range of domestic competitive innovative equipment developed by Specialized Design Bureau and produced by the largest engineering companies in Russia using the latest technology was represented for the first time to the Russian and international community.

In 2007

The Board of Directors of "Kurganmashzavod", which met in late October, decided to establish "Zauralsky forging and foundry" Ltd., in order to optimize and improve the production efficiency of enterprises included in the machine-building holding “Tractor Plants" Group Corporation. It incorporated three major production units of the enterprise: steel and iron casting plant, forging plant and precision workpieces factory.

The construction of universal assembly and welding building (UAWB) of "Promtractor Wagon" Ltd in Kanash for the production of freight wagons advanced models.

The presentation of the first prototypes of grade 5 CHETRA 6C-315 and 6ST-315 caterpillar tractors for agricultural purposes, developed in co-design by departments of the engineering group was organized.

The work output of forage harvester "Yenisei-324" and combine "Yenisei-960" pilot batches was started at OJSC "IG" Krasnoyarsk Combine Plant".

Assembly of tractors CHETRA T9 previously produced by OJSC "Promtractor", was launched at OJSC "SC" Volgograd Tractor Plant" in frames of the internal cooperation within machine-building holding "Tractor Plants" Group Corporation.

OJSC "Krasnoyarsk plant Timber Engineering" (OJSC "Kraslesmash") was acquired.

In 2006

The first pipe-layer TG-511 with carrying capacity of 51 tones equipped with electric- and hydraulic control, transmission and attached Implements was designed.

Design bureaus of the holding provided all-round pilot projects to design innovative new products and upgrade the machinery. The targeted investment programs targeted for the technical renovation of production, research and development were implemented.

Corporate Governance Company "Tractor Plants" was established In Cheboksary. The company was passed the authority of the sole governing to manage all enterprises of the established engineering holding.

Danish company Silvatec Skovmaskiner A / S producing the equipment for timber companies was acquired as the first overseas production asset. This allowed to get an access and master fundamentally new technologies and quality characteristics of the product, as well as to begin developing and production of modern timber equipment on the basis of Russian companies.

"Agromashholding" comprising of "TC" Volgograd Tractor Plant ", OJSC" Volgograd VgTZ Engineering Company ", OJSC " IG "Krasnoyarsk Combine Plant", OJSC "Altai Motor Plant" was acquired from "Industrial Investors" company.

Implementation of the project for the production of new generation wagons at JSC "Promtractor Wagon" was started.

In 2005

OJSC "Russian Railways" leased property complex FSUE "Kanashsky Car Repair Plant" to JSC "Promtractor Wagon" for implementing the modernization project of the enterprise existing facilities and construction of new facilities for freight cars production.

The controlling stock interest of OJSC "Kurganmashzavod" was acquired in the course of competition of "Sibur" company non-core assets.

In 2004

The first wheel bulldozer TC-11.01 with the capacity of 238 hp was assembled.

A pilot modular design tractor T-9.01 with the capacity of 140 hp, weight 16 tons was assembled.

New tractors T-50 (similar to VTZ-2048A), T-85 (class 1.4) and municipal machine VTZ-30SSH-KO with modern design were assembled at «Vladimir Motor-Tractor Works"Ltd.

OJSC “Onezhskiy Tractor Plant” was acquired.

In 2003

The first front wheel loader PC-60 with carrying capacity of 6 tons was assembled.

Cheboksary received the informal status of the capital of Russian tractor production as the bulk of the holding productive assets was concentrated there at the moment.

OJSC "Promtractor" doubled its output compared to 2001.

The engineering group "Tractor Plants" Group Corporation was established for optimization of the newly created company structure and improving the operational control and stimulation of further development.

OJSC "Cheboksary Aggregate Works" was acquired.

The first liquid-cooled engine D-130TV was assembled in experimental shop of Vladimir Motor-Tractor Plant. Air-cooled engine D-130T-10 collected an international certificate the same year.

In 2002

The first pipe-layer TG-121 with weight-carrying capacity of 12.5 tons was assembled.

A decision was taken of increasing the size of the engineering team and of new assets acquisition. Vladimir Motor-Tractor Plant entered the structure of «Tractor plants".

A wide range of new developments was presented at the first Russian tractor show in Cheboksary. It drove attention of business representatives, banking institutions and journalists in Russia and abroad.

Trademark CHETRA was registered for the line of industrial products.

"Promtractor Promlit" Ltd. concluded a long-term contract with the Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation for supply of railway casting for total of $ 1 billion.

In 2001

Increase in production capacity of the enterprise, the establishment of trade and service centers and warehouses in the major regions of the Russian Federation.

The preproduction model of tractor Т-11.01 with 160 hp capacity and weight 19 tons was made. It was the first in a line of CHETRA brand.

In 2000

The first prototype of an improved pipe-layer model TG-301YA was assembled and replaced pipe-layer TG-321.

"Promtractor" controlling interest was formed.

In 1999

The first pipe-layer TG-221K with 21 t load-lifting capacity was assembled.

A pilot tractor T-15.01of modular design with capacity 240 hp was assembled.

In 1998

Foundry OJSC "Promtractor" was dissociated as a separate company - "Promtractor Promlit".

In 1997

The first bulldozer T-20.01 of modular design with 280 hp capacity was assembled.

In 1996

The history of engineering-industrial group "Tractor Plants” Group Corporation (Machinery & Industrial Group NV) began in 1996 with the acquisition of - shares of OJSC"Cheboksary Industrial Tractor Plant "("Promtractor"), by its founder Michael Bolotin. It became his first engineering asset.

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