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01.09.14 / AGROINFO

Vegetable crop estate of Sedlistoe Agriculture Enterprise is lavish this year. Among farms of Ikryansky district of Astrakhan region, there has been harvested almost all-time best crop of tomato, onion, melons and gourds. AGROMASH-Primus irrigation machine contributed to the increase of lands fertility.


159.jpgThe machine has been assembled, aligned and launched last May by a service team of specialists of Agromashholding and Volgograd Tractor Plants, where the machine was manufactured. Throughout the summer, the same specialists were rendering services covered for by guarantee commitments and planned technical regulations.

- The irrigation season has been closed successfully, said Vladimir Barabanov, chief of the irrigation machine project. - All things passed up to the schedule.

- It would be a fault, if we failed to acquire such a machine, - admitted Valery Parfenov, General Director of Sedlistoe Agriculture Enterprise CJSC. – Our enterprise is a stagnal one with a number of reservoirs. AGROMASH-Primus machine is moved by a wheel tractor between connection points across fields. The tractor also drives the irrigation machine’s pump. The machine may also operate with a diesel or other pump. One single operator handles the aggregate. AGROMASH-Primus was used to irrigate 24 ha of tomato and onion, as well as about 50 ha of corn, sorgo, melons and gourds. In future, we’d like to raise land area up to 500 hectares.

159_1.jpgExperience of the best farms proved true in Sedlistoe: artificial irrigation allows for raising crop yield 2-3 fold in certain fields depending on an agricultural crop. Proper respect should be given not only to the irrigation machine, that enables to turn 20 to 100 cubic meters of water into rain and process an area of up to 5 hectares from one position. There also good operators of the irrigation machine and agronomes of the enterprise were engaged. Prior to placing the irrigation machine in service, Vladimir Barabanov held express training with them. As the saying goes, he demonstrated via words and doings how the aggregate’s PC control system is to be preset and how the set of muzzle heads is to be used to avoid overmoisturizing soil. He also showed special things about maintenance operation, etc. In the truest sense of the words, the farmers gained the opportunity to order at any time a simulated rainfall of any intension taking into account agrotechnical requirements. The irrigation may be a refreshing, vegetative, refeeding, warming, humidificating, moisturing and even provocative one.

- Though, AGROMASH-Primus is a relatively new product of Concern Tractor Plants, it managed to be acknowledged in various regions, said Alexander Shchegolev, Director for sales of Agromashholding. – This year, such an aggregate started operating successfully in Sverdlovsk region. Three agriculture firms wished to acquire the irrigation machine at the exhibition Zolotaya NIva-2014 (~gold cultivated field) held in Krasnodar territory.


Of late, promotion of irrigation systems (along with sale of tractors, combine harvesters, soil cultivation machines and municipal engineering) turned into one of the top-priority goals for Agromashholding. In addition, the machine product line is continuing to expand.

Recently, first samples of AGROMASH-Niagara Irrigation System were assembled at Volgograd Tractor Plants. It was developed by MIKONT LLC, a specialized engineering company under the management of Concern Tractor Plants.

Ivan Glazkov, chief of division of MIKONT LLC in Volgograd, said as follows to AGROMASH Magazine:

- In August 2013, a group of three design engineers, who had just graduated from higher education institutions, set about to develop irrigation machines. Juvenile ardour and passion for creative work contributed to prompt task solution. Let's say, design engineer Andrey Gerashchenko not only worked upon drawings, he also went to the workshop and got involved into the manufacturing process. The design engineers could find common language with Sergey Ulyanov, production supervisor of the irrigation machine, who also is a young professional. The design engineers and manufacturers were jointly working purposefully and with inspiration so that in five months – by the New Year – the irrigation system took shape not just in a drawing, but already in an engineering sample!

Mobile, dynamic work of the innovatory group was supported in every way by management of the Concern and Volgograd Tractor Plants. Agromashholding LLC was also interested in prompt development of AGROMASH-Niagara.


When the novelty’s mechanical portion was ready, a problem concerning electronic control unit still remained unresolved. It was intended to operate the machine. “Brains” were necessary for the hardware.

Management of the Concern Tractor Plants decided to put into action intellectual potential of the company employees, and experts of Steel R&D Institute (also a part of the Concern), represented by design engeneers Evgenia Kalinina and Andrey Gorlov, were equal to the task.

Now, BROS-1 electronic unit is being tested via pilot operation of the irrigation system. What does the unit operates and controls? Let us listen to Ivan Glazkov once again:

The control unit is to check speed of support’s movement, that should remain constant and predetermined to ensure accurate and uniform irrigation, as efforts differ at the start of irrigation (in reeled on position) and at the end of irrigation. The control unit is to regulate this process. It also ensures protection from possible hydraulic impact. Power supply to the block is ensured via a gel battery (12V), and recharging - via solar cell array installed on the irrigation machine. There is a timer (watch) in the unit to postpone start of irrigation, if necessary. It also has the function to additionally regulate irrigation rate at the start of irrigation, when the support does not start moving immediately, and at the end of irrigation – with a fully reeled-out pipe, when irrigation does not stop immediately. So, technical and agronomical protections are also provided for.

The newly-designed machine is undergoing trials in Povolzhskaya MIS (machine testing station) and in the private farm enterprise of Sergey Vlasov located in the village of Bezenchuk (Samara region). During trials, the machine is being approbated in the mode of all agronomic parameters, as well as qualified as to safety requirements. Preliminary assessment of the new irrigation system by users is a good one. In their opinion, AGROMASH-Niagara is highly competitive with foreign analogs. For at least, farmer Sergey Vlasov has imported irrigation systems, and our machine is as good as the foreign analogs.

Appearance of one more irrigation machine in the irrigation product line of Concern Tractor Plant cannot but encourage both agriculture machine manufacturers and agrarians. Contrary to wide-coverage irrigation systems, intended for regular-shaped fields, AGROMASH-Niagara has somewhat different designation. It operates in the most efficient way complex-shaped fields first of all, in small farms, where area of ploughland is within several dozens (and not hundred) hectares.


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