Information technologies streamlining processes at Concern Tractor Plants

29.08.2014 / Agro2b

168.jpgAs early as in 2007, Concern Tractor Plants became the first Russian company out of the industrial sector, which started deploying and using information technologies in its management business processes.


Corporate planning and reporting system Eludia has been launched for the purpose to optimize the planning process and timely making cost-effective management decisions. It allowed to establish united information area for prompt exchange of reliable information among all business units of Tractor Plants. With the new system, operations of all business units of the machine building industrial group have been synchronized. Today, the united information base has been functionening, planning became transparent, information detalization improved essentially, labor costs decreased.

Refinement of the corporate planning and reporting system Eludia was initiated for the purpose of enhancement of planning accuracy as it pertains to massives of expenses, massives of prices, forecasts and sales targets, reduction of timeframes for coordination and approval of plans, support of coordination of business units’ operations, strengthening control over implementation practice.

The project covers 21 sales and manufacturing business units. As of now, the functionality has been elaborated and test case prepared. Work has been done in sales business unites to define a manufacturing factory for each stock list item and identify it in the corporate stock list reference book. In addition, business units’ useres have been trained via video conference mode. In August, the functionality is scheduled to be comissioned in pilot operation.


BI Project is a corporate analytic business unit launced in 2011 for the purpose of enhancement of optimization of the process of obtaining analytic information and prompt management decision making. Under coordanation by Inform Standard Soft LLC and as part of the project, employees of all business units conducted colossal work on arrangement of stock items of the Concern’s business units to exclude items unidentified and unclassified over 2014. Reports in the BI Syatem were developed according to functional sale and purchase blocks allowing for abandoning manual provision of information in Excel format.

To complete the work on trasformation of reports, it is necessary to elaborate reports subject to financial indices. Launch of the system into commercial operation would allow to transfer reporting to a brand new level both according to efficiency and reliability of data.

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