Tractor Plants Train Nicaraguans to Operate Russian Tractors and Combine Harvesters

SAREX OJSC and Promtractor OJSC (the companies under management of Tractor Plants Concern, KUU LLC), have completed production of tractors AGROMASH 85 TK and combine harvesters Yenisei 950 for Republic of Nicaragua. The machines from Mordovia and Chuvashia (where the Russian manufacturing plants are located) were already shipped to Estonian port of Muuga. Subsequently, they will be delivered by ocean-going vessels to Nicaraguan port of Corinto.

1.jpgAccording to Sergey Sharaev, chief of Export Sales Department of Tractor Plants,Agromashholding LLC (a specialized commerce and service company of the machine building industrial group) is responsible for supply of the Russian machines in a tropicalized design as part of a state contract with Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. “As of now, our specialists from Service of Industrial Machines LLC are carrying out training of the machines’ operators, said Sergey Sharaev. The training is being carried out based on the service center for support of Russian machines (the center was built up in the town of Chinandega). As part of the state contract, a complex supply of spare parts is provided for the Nicaraguan consumers. In total, 200 wheel tractors AGROMASH 85 TK and 10 combine harvesters Yenisei 950 have been shipped by the Russian part to Latin America.”

2.jpgOn October 25, Canal 29 Nicaragua, Prensa Latina, El19 and other Latin America’s mass media reported about receipt of the first batch of the Russian tractors AGROMASH 85 TK. Deputy Foreign Minister of Republic of Nicaragua Louis Molina, Russian ambassador to Nicaragua Nicolai Vladimir, trade representative of the Russian Federation in Nicaragua Piotr Pankratov participated in ceremony of reception of the Russian machines.

Photos: harvesters Yenisei 950; unloading containers with tractors AGROMASH 85 TK is under way in the port of Corinto. (© Архив ДСК).

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