Gas-fueled AGROMASH tractors A launch in the international market

02.03.2015 /Agromashholding

On February 18, 2015, a true discovery for European participants of the international conference of developers, manufacturers and operators of gas-fueled vehicles in the Czech Republic were Russian AGROMASH tractors, with methane engines. In Prague they were presented by the “Agromashholding” Company.

They have just prototypes. We have serial machines

Tamerlan KazakovAs reported by the Deputy Executive Director for cooperation with state authorities of ООО “Agromashholding” Mr. Tamerlan Kazakov, the conference was organized by the Czech Gas Association under the aegis of the Environment Protection Ministry of the Czech Republic.

The conference was attended by over 130 delegates from the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Belgium, Russia and other European countries. Speeches were made by over two dozens of persons, including the heads of the Ministries for Environment Protection, for Industry and Commerce, for Transport of the Czech Republic, European Gas Motors Association, scientists from the Czech Academy of Sciences, specialists from different enterprises, associations in the sphere of manufacturing and operation of gas-powered vehicles.

The question by “Agromash” journal on the attitude of the conference participants to the special trade fair stand in Prague with documents of wheel tractors of the “Methane” Series, using natural gas as fuel, was answered by Mr. Tamerlan Kazakov:
- The most issues of the conference were touching upon vehicles working with both pressurized and liquefied gas. It turned out, we have similar problems both in Russia and European countries. Both here and there it is the underdeveloped tanking and maintenance infrastructure being the deterrent factor in the gas vehicle market. A true surprise for European participants was, that the Russian group of companies “Tractor factories”, whose products our company promotes, has already launched the serial production of methane tractors. During a conversation with the guests of trade fair stand стенда of “Agromashholding” the Executive Director of the Czech Gas Association Mr. Jan Ruml stressed that in Czech Republic there are only prototypes of pressurized gas tractors, whereas in Russia there are serial machines running.

The delegation of “Agromaschholding” conducted meetings also with the General Secretary of the European Gas Motors Association Mr. Lennart Pilskog, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce of the Czech Republic Mr. Eduard Muricky and other conference participants. Many conference participants paid special attention to the fact, that wheel tractors by AGROMASH operated with pressurized gas could be widely used in the Czech agriculture contributing to operation cost reduction, but also to achieve the main goal, to preserve the environment due to this highly environment-friendly technique.

The parties expressed the intent to establish a mutually beneficial cooperation in the sphere of the operation of gas motor vehicles both in the Czech Republic, as well as in other European countries; in the course of the conference the representatives of ООО “Agromashholding” got an invitation from the General Secretary of the European Gas Association Mr. Lennart Pilskog to take part in NGVA Europe’s 2nd regional Seminar L-CNG for Transport.

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